Controlling Interests


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It turns out my two new bosses, who I had a sexy as sin threesome with last night are my soon-to-be new stepbrothers…and that isn’t the worst of my problems.

I have a secret.

I’m being blackmailed—by my own mother.

I have six weeks left, then I’m free.

When I turn twenty-five, the caveat in my father’s last will and testament will be satisfied and my mother will no longer be in control of my life.

I just need to hold on a little longer. Keep my head down and my business to myself—then I’ll be free.

And that’s exactly the moment I cross paths with Declan and Lucas.

We have a secret.

The woman who just came to work for us is the daughter of our father’s new gold-digging girlfriend.

She doesn’t know who we are.

The more time we spend around her trying to find out the truth about her narcissistic mother, the more we realize she isn’t who we thought she would be.

We’ve gotten too close, and there’s no pulling back from Jayne’s orbit. The more we learn, the more we realize we aren’t the only ones keeping secrets.

And it feels like time is running out.

Controlling Interests is a full-length standalone why choose, reverse harem office romance. Read if you enjoy dominant bosses, discipline / punishments, and plenty of steamy romance.

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